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Brisket To Go

how it works

Briskets to go is a  Bar b Q service right here in Kyle Texas. Using the best meats, we will season and smoke a whole Brisket to perfection for your event. We will get a brisket as close to size as you request, (the uncooked weight is used for pricing). The brisket is not cut, but delivered to you whole. This holds in all the flavor and allows you to serve when you want.  

Serve your perfect brisket upon delivery or keep wrapped and warm later in your oven or pit.


$8.99 lb.

uncooked weight

As Far as They Know, you made it!


Use the contact us link at the top of the page and order through email or phone.

Briskets will usually weigh between 10-15 Lbs.  We will get as close to the weight you requested as possible. We do not use trimmed or half briskets.  Just the whole chunk of delicious meat.   

The earlier the order is placed, the better!

The brisket is seasoned 24 hrs. before and must be paid for before it is seasoned. Not all days are available for delivery. We will try and accommodate delivery as best as possible.  

Cancelations must be done 48 hours prior to delivery date for a full refund.     


Once you request a brisket, you will receive an invoice via email. There will be a link to pay with all major credit cards or paypal. If needed, we can take payment over the phone. 

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10-12Lb Brisket $75!

July 2nd and 3rd delivery between 5pm-9pm

July 4th Delivery between 10am-2pm


all orders must be paid for before brisket is smoked. 

 4th of July Sale!